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Urban Traffic

Smart Traffic Management

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Daily traffic congestion may be one of your city's biggest headaches. Ensuring emergency vehicles can rapidly and effectively reach their destinations is a critical metric of success for any traffic management system as well. In addition to handling these urban challenges, city managers also know that disaster preparedness is critical in the event of city-wide events.

Smart Traffic Management Systems are technology solutions that municipalities can integrate into their traffic cabinets and intersections today for fast, cost-effective improvements in safety and traffic flow on their city streets. These systems utilize sensors, cameras, cellular routers and automation to monitor and automatically direct traffic and reduce congestion

The right technology solution can be scaled to any size and painlessly upgraded at any time. Simultaneously, these technology solutions prepare Smart Cities for coming technology evolutions, including Connected Vehicle and the deployment of 5G.

All of this connectivity requires sophisticated hardware and software. Digi offers secure, scalable, high-speed connectivity to address the range of traffic management requirements. Designed to operate optimally regardless of moisture, vibration and temperature extremes, Digi industrial and transit routers are installed in Smart Cities around the world.

Some of the key functionality cities achieve with these systems include the following:

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Congestion detection: With cameras and sensors constantly monitoring intersections, technicians can monitor the entire city from the city's traffic management center.

Adaptive control: Congestion detection also enables adaptive control, which causes dynamic adjustments to systems including traffic lights, on-ramp signaling, and bus rapid transit lanes.

Connected vehicle: This up-and-coming technology enables vehicles to communicate directly with intersections. The Smart Traffic Management can include a connected vehicle roadside unit for this purpose.

Emergency routing: A critical application of the Smart Traffic Management System is the ability to give priority access to police, fire and ambulance services.

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