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A/V Automation System

Transform How People Work

Solutions that change the way we communicate and collaborate. We design and deliver turnkey video wall solutions and room management for command & control, executive meeting rooms and versatile environments.

The world is having to learn new ways of working. Every day the digitalization is changing the way we communicate and collaborate, and revolutionizing the way we work. The ability for organizations to adapt is more crucial than ever.

Smart Room Technologies

Smart meeting rooms are a crucial element of a smart office set up. Powered by intelligent technology that integrates into the meeting space, smart meeting rooms help create dynamic meeting experiences for remote and in-person attendees

Our team designers, project managers and account managers create environments that inspire a sense of community, safety, and trust in customer

We work with your team to design and provide AV systems with the highest standards of aesthetics and ease of use.

Solution Audio Online Meeting During Covid 19 Pandemic

During the worldwide lockdown, online meetings and video chats have gained a whole new significance. They made digital face-to-face communication possible when direct interpersonal contact was out of the question.

Communication with the external participants of an online meeting must feel as real as in a conventional face-to-face conversation. High-quality audio is essential for reliable information exchange. The most important prerequisite for this is a technically optimally equipped meeting room.

Digital Signage & Hospitality

Our team can implement digital signage and hospitality solutions that bring your brand, message and story to life. From content creation to scheduling and storage, we help keep your company message fresh, compelling and visually present.

Video Conferencing

With the lockdown also forcing many people out of the office, video communication has become a hugely important piece of technology in a working capacity too. Many teams are now conversing using cloud-based services such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts etc. depending on their preference, needs, and price range.

As we all know, face-to-face interactions are a necessity in the workplace, with so much information being lost or misinterpreted when just using written and verbal communication - the ability to see each other clearly during virtual meetings has helped to eliminate these issues for a more effective and productive working-from-home experience for us all.

We offer an array of scalable solutions, from mobile devices to telepresence suites. Walk-up-and-use technologies allow ease of access and spontaneous collaboration with co-workers, regardless of their locations.

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