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Music Studio Acoustic Panel

Acoustic panel applications include walls and ceilings in recording studios, broadcast studios, class rooms/music rooms, and performs excellently in virtually any space where the quality of acoustics and sound dampening are required.

Acoustic Panel Materials

With the increasing demand for fully concentration and undisturded spaces,  designers with in creadible acoustic and unique appearances suited to oofices and other functional properties,schools andopen buildings, we always keep the philosophy of ecology,flexibility and acoustics in mind.

Privacy meets productivity with the Focus Room

A thoughtfully designed personal office that allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Every Room has a story. From enterprises to startups, we create room for better conversations and a happier workplace.

Medium Conference Room Solutions

A Medium-sized meeting space designed for 7-10 people to meet quickly and easily, a Mid-Size room is a  feature in most modern businesses. These rooms typically accommodate up to 10 people at once and prove essential to creating a closer working environment.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

Polyester fiber acoustic panel is 100% made from recycled PET which mainly comes from driking bottles it has comparatively low embodied enerfy and does not contain chemical bindeers including formaldehyde and supports safer indoor air quality.

With the great acustic performance and solid color throughout, Kingkus polyester fiber acoustic panel becomes the market leader in controlling reverberated noise when comes out,and is widely used in sa large array of spatial design and interior solutions.

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