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Building Entrance

Smart Building Access

Physical access control is an industry which is moving slowly in terms of change but the introduction of technologies like smartphones, wearables and biometrics seems to seduce specific sectors.

Hospitality, healthcare and banks are attracted by those solutions meeting with their requirements. Growing security concerns and increasing adoption of technologies can encourage the market for a smarter and better security access control.

The hospitality industry is the segment which is the most advanced in secure access control, e.g. allowing visitors access to their hotel rooms using smartphone or wearables. Other sectors are also interested the evolution of secure access control with different types of requirements like using the combination of biometrics along with devices.

The strong adoption of smartphone and other mobile devices as authentication systems could be a key driver for a significant change for the market. Today, consumers have clearly adopted wireless technologies and especially smartphones for different usages in private and professional environments and are totally part of their lives. In terms of access control, new credential form factors such as mobile devices are expected in the future to offer a secure and convenient way to open doors. The smartphone is considered as the more convenient form as people seldom leave their home, car or office without their phone.

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