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Zero Trust Secure Access for Hybrid IT

Significant market and technology trends continue to define the new landscape of hybrid IT as users access resources in both public and private clouds as well as the data center. These trends include:

A mobile workforce accessing corporate resources from a variety of mobile and/or IoT devices

Multi-cloud application migration, though some applications remain in the data center

An expanded attack surface susceptible to increasingly sophisticated malware

An ever-changing and increasingly amorphous network perimeter

At the same time, enterprises need the ability to see what’s on the network – who is connecting, what is the state of the device connecting, where, when, and how are they connecting – all with compliance being top of mind. The good news is, when companies take a strategic approach, they can deploy technologies that will keep their security profiles

It’s Pulse Secure’s primary mission to provide users, devices, and things with secure and seamless connection to hybrid IT regardless of where applications or users reside. We accomplish this with Zero Trust Secure Access– encompassing a single user client, unified policy and compliance, centralized visibility, a single pane of glass for management and analytics, and of course, a solution that is flexible, scalable, and reliable.


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