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Yealink Meeting

Yealink Meeting Cloud-based Video Conferencing Platform Makes it easier to meet online Yealink Meeting ensures compliance with GDPR, and strictly follows its requirements on data security by implementing regional data isolation and providing unsubscribe options for users. All Yealink Meeting audio and video transmitted are encrypted with AES-256 to protect the confidentiality of meeting information. Additionally, all signals are encrypted with the TLS protocol. Besides the multi-level and comprehensive data security technology, Yealink Meeting also features a conference lock function, which provides additional PIN-protected security assurance for all meeting participants, and safeguards the information in your business meetings reliably. #wfh #remotework #stayathome #covid-19 #businesscontinuity #dirumahaja #videoconference #cloudmeeting #yealikmeeting #pixelstrategist


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