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Wireless AV Content Sharing & BYOD collaboration System (Quad Viewer)

WirelessMedia Set WirelessMedia makes connecting or participate in a meeting by a most simple way, touching a button. It also allows the other to join in the meeting more actively. The result is to make the meeting more efficient and productive. A typical WirelessMedia contains one Base Unit WMS and two Transmitters e.g. WMT2- C/WMT1/WMT3-H/WMT-C1/WMT-Mini for choices.

Wirelessmedia Set Components A typical WirelessMedia Set includes two Buttons, one Base Unit, “WMedia2” for Android” APK and Airplay for IOS”. Depending on the application or size of meeting room, user could purchase more kinds of buttons, e.g. USB dongle/ HDMI dongle/ USB Type C dongle if they need.


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