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Video Wall Controller

➖ 4K 60Hz

➖ PIP & Overlay

➖ Live Preview

Hardware-based 4K controller

To fulfill growing demand of UHD visual experience, Support for embedded audio and the capacity to work as a centralized controller make it outstanding in the industry.



➖ Genuine 4K60 Experience

4k 60Hz processing at 4:4:4 to deliver 4K experience without any compromising.

➖ Live Preview

With tailored GUI, DigiBird App and web-client allows operator to view the input source and video wall display in real time, and manage display through simple drag-and-drop operation.

➖ Compatible with CCTV

Supports arbitrary layering, zooming in/out, stretching and picture in picture Compatible with IPC camera to display stream directly to video wall.

➖ Dual Control Cards

Auto switching backup, keep operating without any interruption. Keep running the current preset even both cards breaking down or swapped out.

➖ Specified User Access

Administrator is capable to authorize certain users specific access for video wall managementi.e. specific input, display area and functions, etc.

➖ Audio Does Matter

HPro support embedded and de-embedded audio management. User is able to switch audio input and output, turn up/down volume and manage audio preset.

➖ Status Monitoring

Real-time status monitoring: hardware info, firmware info, temperature, operating info and auto-adjusted fan speed, etc.


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