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VIA Campus² PLUS

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

4K60 Simultaneous Wired and Wireless Presentation & Collaboration Solution.


◽Easy and Effective Wireless Connectivity

◽4K@60 HDMI Wired Input

◽60fps Streaming Multimedia

◽One 4K@30 (RGB) HDMI output and one 4K@60 DisplayPort output

◽Remote Power Control

◽iOS, aNDROID, Chromebook and Miracast Mirroring

◽Optimized for Video Streaming

◽Room Calender Integration

◽Internal Web Browser

◽DHCP Support

◽Streaming Input for the Internal Media Player

◽Cloud-Based File Sharing

◽Whiteboard Support

◽Third-Party App Support

◽Integrated YouTube Player

◽Digital Signage

◽Seamless VSM Integration

◽Multilingual Support


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