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URSALINK IoT Solution for Agriculture

Smart Irrigation:

Smart irrigation systems can optimize water levels based on things such as soil moisture and weather predictions. This is done with moisture sensors that communicate with the PLC and help inform the system whether the landscape is in need of water.

Reservoirs Level Monitoring:

Water is farm’s most valuable resource. Knowing the levels of the tanks, troughs and reservoirs will ensure the availability of the water you need. The Accurate monitoring reduces the risk and gives you better control through this water level monitoring solution.

With Ursalink 3G/4G wireless cellular router deployed, the automated irrigation solution designed for can offer convenience and protect your landscape investment. It is also able to keep your lawn and landscape beautiful and healthy, while minimizing water waste. There’s no need to discard your existing pipes and pumps. Adding a bit of M2M technology will not make your equipment obsolete, but only makes it smarter.

UR71 Industrial Cellular Router

The UR71 is an affordable industrial-grade 4G LTE router designed for connecting Ethernet and RS-232/485 devices to a cellular network.

It is ideal for typical applications including remote installations like kiosks, point of sales equipment and lottery terminals.


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