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UpanelS : Innovative and flexible LED Signage Solution

UpanelS – better than the regular NPP LED display

Mission critical facilities such as control rooms, need mission critical equipment, In the times when a new technology emerges with each new sunrise, the control room equipment also has to be quickly updated and upgraded as it gets quickly outdated. Display devices are a crucial part of such facilities and one cannot afford to ignore them. For facilities like control rooms we devised narrow pixel pitch LED displays talking about UpanelS. After successfully providing some of the best narrow-pixel-pitch LED display solutions to control rooms and other such facilities around the world, We has come up with the much-needed upgrade for control room display solutions.

We is proud to introduce latest of the narrow pixel pitch LED display , UpanelS. UpanelS is the display solution all our control rooms have been waiting for, and get that much-needed upgrade for your display solution in control rooms and other such mission critical facilities now!

For more information please contact, you will get your perfect solution.


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