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Understand The Value Of Microsoft Teams Rooms

Devices, software, and Cloud secured by Design.

Certified Microsoft hardware ensures security, quality and performance out of the box, Credential Guard policies applied to protect against credential theft, Secure Teams Rooms app with lockdown policies to limit sign-in vulnerabilities, Automatic updates keep room systems in a default secure state, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint threat protection and verified updates to limit vulnerabilities.

One place for all your Teams management work.

Manage all your Teams settings in one location, including your Teams devices , Granular controls give you remote device configuration access, Automated updates, problem detection, and alerts at scale, Remotely apply settings to devices.

Save time and money on support costs.

Call quality analytics help identify problems and root causes of issues with active room health monitoring, Stay ahead of disruptions and reduce downtime with alerts on room issues, alerts categorize issues as Critical, Non urgent, or Offline, Flexibly manage the alerts according to prioritized devices.

Optimize spaces with rich analytics.

Get the data that real estate, facilities, and IT teams need for spatial planning, See how a person joined, call quality, handle inventory, and monitor device activity, procure additional devices directly from the admin portal.


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