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UHWIII : Embrace the New Slimmer and Greener Era

As we all know that the cabinet size of the LED display should be light to make assembling convenient and installation structure as simple as possible, and it should be slim to not to occupy valuable space in the building and the distance space from the wall should be very small, allowing a more ergonomic and minimalistic modern view. In the third generation of UHW, Unilumin elevates these parameters to a new level, reducing 25 percent of the weight in comparison with the previous generation, achieving just 6 kilograms per cabinet, making a slimmer design by reducing thickness to record 39mm. All these innovations allow people to reduce the distance from the wall to less than 80mm, making the premises more spacious and more ergonomic.

Cutting-edge LED display is inconceivable without premium picture quality. In that respect, UHWIII ticks all the right boxes of ultra-wide viewing angle, high refresh rate, and uniform details such as the gray scale, color temperature ranges and high contrast. Moreover, the high gray scale of 16 bit, adjustable color temperature ranging from 2,000 to 9,000K, high level of contrast of 5000:1–all these golden standard features come in handy in providing impressive quality of the image and excellent performance.

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