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Tourguide System

We is the ideal choice for audio performance when you can't afford to have your audience distracted by malfunctioning equipment or poor sound quality "This system allows you to put your best foot forward in producing the professional impression your presenters work so hard to create." Tour guide systems feature easy setup along with options for using a microphone or going hands-free. The wireless design means there is no fumbling with wires, and hosts receive the equipment in an integrated charging case that makes it easy to store, use and return before and after a tour.

The Sennheiser tour guide system features lightweight headsets that training or tour participants wear to amplify the speaker's voice, complete with an individual volume control. A sensitivity setting on the wireless microphone is available for use in extremely noisy environments, allowing the user to diminish up to 36 decibels of background noise and provide crystal clear audio. TourGuide Solutions has in stock, tested and ready for immediate shipping. Customers also can request a demo to try out equipment before making a purchase or rental decision.

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