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Threat Found: Integrating With FireEye Detection On Demand

Threats can and do come from everywhere, and every organization approaches security differently based on their needs, industry and environment. But the one thing organizations all have in common is a need for intelligence-backed, validated threat detection capability with enough contextual analysis to act on.

With FireEye Detection On Demand, any company can integrate with FireEye’s award-winning detection and intelligence to protect against today’s threats, whether they exploit Microsoft Windows, Linux or Apple OS X operating systems, or application vulnerabilities.

FireEye Detection On Demand is a cloud-native threat detection service that rapidly scans submitted content to identify resident malware. It compares submissions to the latest known tactics and signatures of threat actors using static analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning. FireEye also determines the possibility of secondary or combinatory effects across multiple phases of the attack lifecycle to discover never-before-seen exploits and malware.

FireEye offers a blend of integrations through its technical partnerships. Customers can integrate their own custom solutions by leveraging the Detection On Demand API with examples and sample code from the FireEye Developer Hub. Security companies interested in adding detection capabilities can also work with us in two ways: OEM solutions tailored to your needs or integrations that allow mutual customers to bring their own license keys to utilize FireEye detection capabilities.


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