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To allows a Presenter or Company Owners to read a script whilst maintaining direct eye contact with the audience perfectly.

Specifications :

✅ 3mm thickness 4:3 mirror glass

✅ Mirror size: 350 x 400mm

✅ 1/4" and 3/8" mounting bolts and nuts for tripod

✅ 17" TFT LCD display, brightness 300cd/m2

✅ VGA input

✅ 100~240V AC

✅ For indoor use only

✅ Weight: 11kg

There are three main things that your business will gain if it uses a teleprompter:

➖ Spontaneity

If you use a prompter for your presentations, you will notice that you are able to appear much more spontaneous. You are going to be looking right at your audience throughout most of your presentation.

➖ Effective Pacing

One of the more underappreciated aspects of a good prompter is that it helps to control the pace of your speech delivery.

➖ Precise Text

In many business presentations, getting the words just right is absolutely critical. If this is important for your business, you do not want to rely on memory or glancing at note cards. Using a good teleprompter will ensure that you deliver precisely the message that you intended.


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