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SUNDRAY S582X Wireless Access Point (Wi-Fi 6)


Sundray S582X wireless access point is the next generation product supports 802.1a/b/g/n/ac/ax

launched by sundray. Sundray S582X wireless access point has built-in smart antenna, based on

the 802.11ax standard, support 8x8 Mu-Mimo technology, OFDMA air division multiplexing

technology and 1024QAM modulation and demodulation algorithm, it can provide a high

transmission rate up to 6 Gbps, A higher wireless access rate and wider wireless coverage are

provided .it can easily meet all kinds of wireless services, such as video, voice and other multimedia

services, and provide intelligent radio frequency, service quality assurance, seamless roaming and

so on.

Product Features :

• Top-speed wireless network access

• All-round security protection

• Flexible network deployment

• Marketing

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