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SpeechLine Digital Wireless

SpeechLine Digital Wireless is a digital wireless microphone system for speech and lecture. It is designed and optimized for university and corporate use. Thanks to its broad product portfolio, the system is particularly versatile and can be adapted to the requirements of individual applications. Our goal was to make the daily work of IT and AV managers easier. With the introduction of the new SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver, SpeechLine Digital Wireless presents the perfect audio solution for IT integration.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless makes your daily work easier.

With Sennheiser Control Cockpit, you will always have a complete overview and control of your campus-wide setups. Time-consuming manual workflows such as checking battery levels can be completed digitally in no time. Advanced system automation eliminates the need for manual frequency and interference management. This makes SpeechLine Digital Wireless a real time and money saver.

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