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Shure's Advance Microflex

The Covid-19 pandemic makes people have to stay at home and carry out all activities while implementing distancing and health protocols, including when it comes to holding virtual conferences.

Understanding this need, Shure audio are releasing a selection of new audio ecosystem products to support virtual conferencing whether in the office, meeting room, or from home.

Shure's Advance Microflex audio product line is now enhanced with complementary software for easier integrated design, management, and control. This premium audio product is claimed to be able to support various types of meetings and collaboration activities.

In addition, the ecosystem is also claimed to be able to provide premium audio through Intellimix audio signal processing based on hardware and software.

High-quality audio is essential when it comes to virtual conferencing. This is to increase the effectiveness of long distance communication,

Audio needs also vary, both in small and large meeting rooms.

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