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SMARTER SPEAKERPHONES FOR PREMIUM SOUND, EASY CONNECTIONS AND FLAWLESS MEETINGS Everyone deserves to hear and be heard. Poly Sync Family USB/Bluetooth® smart speakerphones make it happen—in personal and huddle workspaces, plus small to medium conference rooms. VOICE CALLS FLOW NATURALLY WITH MULTIPLE MICROPHONES THAT TRACK THE TALKER, NOT THE NOISE. Focus on what’s being said and help keep echo and noise out of the meeting with the multi-microphone array. Remote participants and music sound amazing with the Poly Sync high-performance speakers. THERE’S NOTHING NEW TO LEARN SO MEETINGS START INSTANTLY. Teams use the applications they already know with simple user interfaces—just plug in a laptop or connect via Bluetooth. Clear LED indicators and easy-to-use touch-sensitive controls let them dive right into meetings. The Poly Sync Family of products is compatible with the most popular platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom – we just work. The Poly Sync 20 is Zoom certified for a seamless Zoom communication experience. NO COMPLEX SETUP, NO USER TRAINING, NO HEADACHES FOR IT. Just deploy and you’re done—the Poly Sync Family is so simple to use, no user training is required. For IT, inventory tracking and updates are made easy with remote device management. #Poly #SyncFamily #USB #Speakerphone #Wireless #MeetingRoom##Collaboration #SignatureAudio #Unified Communication #SmartConference #MeetingSpace #WorkFromHome #WorkFromAnywhere


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