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New TeamConnect Ceiling for medium room

TCC 2, the TCC M is round in shape but offers the same ceiling installation options in that it can be surface mounted, suspended or flush mounted. This option makes it easy for cordless table setting as well as flexible furniture arrangement.

TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions incorporates TruVoicelift function and patented automatic dynamic beamforming technology. This offers perfect speech intelligibility and allows the speaker great flexibility in movement and position. These high-quality built-in electret condenser capsules made in Germany have proven themselves in a wide range of Sennheiser microphones.

This technology is used to ensure perfect speech intelligibility and offers exceptional audio quality that spans the entire meeting room. In this way, the microphone can constantly determine the position of the person speaking, without having to manually pre-configure speaker zones. If additional control is required, priority and exclusion zones can be set on our leading Sennheiser Control Cockpit. This means that no sound is lost, either from the people in the meeting room or external meeting participants.

In addition, starting with all TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions manufactured in 2023, Sennheiser is extending the warranty period from two to five years with product registration.


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