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New E-Series from ICE Board, Business Solution.

New Tools for Business Meeting and Rich Instruments for Teaching Experience.

ICE Board E Series Provides the Total Solution for all your Educational Needs support

with Education Software for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math),

with is a new Interactive Flat Panel Design with 18 Hot Keys Button, New Firmware and App

for Class Preparation and Delivery.

Business Solution,

➖ Extended Screen:

Your work screen can be shown on a large screen with HDMI out port on the OPS.

➖ Screen Sharing with Screenshare Pro Apps:

Wireless content sharing up to 9 screens simultaneously for effective meeting, screen sharing from personal devices (compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, Chrome OS).

➖ Video Conference:

Connect anytime and anywhere with video conferencing software can be implemented to ICE Board easily.


➖ Write, annotate, and draw with accurate touch and smooth writing experience.

➖ Screen sharing from personal devices (compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS) up to 9 screens simultaneously.

➖ Take screenshots easily from any software displayed on the ICE Board.

➖ Anti-glare tempered glass screen.

➖ Quick switch between Android & Windows OPS PC.

➖ Supports many video conferencing software.

➖ Record Facilities.

➖ Software STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).


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