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Monitoring a Mobile Workforce

How can companies maintain full visibility of the workforce when an increasing number of their employees work remotely?

Unfortunately, some remote workers may feel emboldened by a diminished sense of accountability to the organization, leading to decreased productivity and an increase in insider threats. The advanced Veriato employee monitoring system can help you establish a baseline that shows typical behavior for each employee and alert you to shifts so you can respond quickly and appropriately.

Veriato employee monitoring software can reveal reduced productivity as well as serious issues such as fraud and data theft. It can also reveal employees who become victims of malware activity by cybercriminals. Managers are notified when employees search for a new job, prompting an in-depth review of monitoring details to find downloaded documents and other unauthorized activity.

Veriato is a comprehensive employee monitoring system that can help companies stay on top of remote employee behavior, promote productivity, and reveal insider threats.


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