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Implementation Smart Meeting Room

➖Software Teleprompter Pro

Teleprompter software enables users to read lines off of a screen while giving a speech or presentation.

Teleprompter apps allow users to create scripts and display them on different devices or displays in order to accurately read lines while they speak or present.

➖Greenscreen Motorized 4x4m

Motorized Greenscreen are available in various, sizes, shapes and styles, that are suitable for individuals as well as for commercial purposes.

They can come in stand-alone forms, attached on screens, foldable, and available in compact packaging for portability.

Motorized green screen provide accurate color representation and do not make the viewing experience grainy. They provide perfect visibility even in the outdoors and in different kinds of external lighting.

➖Advantage of having software Teleprompter Pro and Greenscreen Motorized in your office space :

- Professionalism

With a greenscreen you can virtually stand anywhere in front of any background, providing a better environment for your message and lending you greater presence and gravitas. You also have greater control over the lighting and sets, and unlike a real office shoot, it won’t interrupt daily business.

- Stay Under Budget

With a small investment in a camera, lighting, editing software, and setting up a studio dedicated to greenscreen shoots, you save money starting on day one.

- Make Your Meetings More Creative

Using teleprompter and greenscreen is best duo to make your meetings be more creative

and presentable, you can choose the background and even you can control the speed of the text.


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