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Hybrid Neat meeting equity

In today’s new hybrid world of work, we need the ability to connect with people on a deeper level when we’re not always in the same room together.

Neat’s pioneering video devices for Zoom and Microsoft Teams address that concern by enabling your hybrid teams to enjoy closer, more equitable and inclusive meeting experiences throughout a wide range of small to medium and large spaces.

What’s more, Neat devices are surprisingly simple to deploy, come with flexible mounting options, and need minimal cables, leaving you to enjoy seamless, clutter-free collaboration every time.Investing in video devices with pioneering hybrid-working features is a game changer, features like Neat Symmetry, which presents everyone equally on-screen whether they’re joining from in the meeting room or remotely.

It’s our great leveller, and can also find and pull forward people positioned at the back of a room, which means the days of crowding awkwardly around a single webcam are over.

Another great benefit of Neat Symmetry is that it allows people to remain perfectly in the frame, even as they get up and move around a room. It’s something so simple but its impact is huge, liberating people from the confines of their chairs, encouraging them to stretch and relieving posture-related aches and pains.

Finally, Neat Symmetry crops each person’s image to exactly the right size, ensuring peoples’ upper body and hand gestures are captured just as clearly as their facial expressions. This more holistic view helps remote participants to read body language more easily, closing the gap between virtual and in-person communication.

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