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Hospital Mitra Keluarga SUNDRAY Solution

For the wireless network construction requirement of Mitra Keluarge and the actual situation of the hospital, SUNDRAY overall featured solutions are as follows:

(1)Wireless Coverage---Full coverage of the hospital lobby, patient rooms, corridors, and conference rooms, doctor working area. Nurses will not be disconnected when they move from one patient room to another patient room, ensuring seamless roaming experience;

(2)SMS Authentication---The patient is authenticated by SMS certification, which is simple and fast. Patient can connect to the Wi-Fi by input their phone number and fill the code they get from SMS gateway. Notify the patient for going to hospital for a review after a course of treatment.

(3)Cybersecurity---SUNDRAY provide basic wireless firewall to enhance wireless network access security, which can protect wireless network from wireless intrusion and DDOS, etc.

(4)Remote Deployment---Controller in Mitra Kelaugre can manage the AP in branch hospital; More than 6 branches AP need to be manage by controller.

(5)VPN Services---HQ and branches need establish the VPN tunnel to transmit the patient information safely. HQ can access to branches, and the branches can also access to the HQ servers.


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