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H3C CR19000 Cluster Routers

The CR19000 router series includes the following models:

▫️ CR19000-8

▫️ CR19000-16

▫️ CR19000-20 and CR19000-MC.

The CR19000-8, CR19000-16, and CR19000-20 provide 8, 16, and 20 service line-card slots, respectively. The CR19000-MC is a fabric card chassis (FCC) that provides interconnection and unified control of multiple CR19000-20 routers. The CR19000-8 can operate in single-chassis mode or the backto-back cluster mode. The CR19000-16 can operate in single-chassis mode. The CR19000-20 can operate in single-chassis mode, back-to-back cluster mode, or multi-chassis cluster mode.


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