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Cloud Computing Overview

With the rapid development of IT industry worldwide, the scale and complexity of IT platform has been greatly improved. But, high hardware cost、O&M cost、 long business deployment cycles and lack of a unified management infrastructure create major obstacles for enterprise IT departments. Cloud computing has largely changed the consumption and service patterns of traditional IT industry. Customers have realized that the transformation from "purchasing software and hardware products" to "purchasing IT services", and have greatly improved IT efficiency and agility through self-service access and use of services on the Internet.

Introducing H3C CloudOS full-stack cloud platform

H3C CloudOS has realized unified management and smart dispatching of data center’s heterogeneous resources, providing support for upper-level XaaS. Based on stable and reliable IaaS service, it efficiently leverages resources in data center infrastructure and helps to complete digitalization by upgrading them from cost centers to value centers through the automated delivery of unified operation & maintenances. By leveraging H3C’s DevOps experiences, it helps users to develop business; operate unified management systems; shorten business delivery cycles; and build new business pipelines.


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