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4 Strategies for Enhancing Productivity and Security for Your Remote Workforce

1. Understand which cloud applications your employees rely on. Visibility into the applications your employees take advantage of on a day-to-day basis provides necessary insight into your employees’ needs and makes clear how they are solving challenges and getting their jobs done. A clear understanding of the cloud applications people use and how they use them enables you to mitigate risks and better protect sensitive data because you know where it is flowing 2. Prioritize user experience and remove friction. The most important to your employees is accessing the applications they need to get their jobs done, and focus on giving remote workers safe ways to use the software they prefer—even if this means homegrown or customized applications that IT has visibility into—and you’ll remove their incentive to take unnecessary risks. 3. Make high availability and performance a top priority. migrate more network security into the cloud so that remote workers can more efficiently and securely go directly to cloud apps, and the web, through cloud security services 4. Standardize security platforms and policies across the whole of your environment. Implementing it effectively provides a single point of visibility and control over users accessing multi-cloud environments on any device, whether managed or unmanaged. #Forcepoint #LevelRisk #ZeroDayExploits


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