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SUIRUI Kit for Zoom Rooms is Certified by Zoom!

It is designed specifically for Zoom Rooms, co-developed and rigorously tested by Zoom Engineering. This highly integrated yet powerful Zoom Rooms Appliance is pre-loaded with Zoom Rooms software, and running on Windows


- HD Video: 4K UltraHD camera, 110-degree wide-angle lens with minimal distortion, MP image sensor 3840x2160 pixels, 5x zoom, autofocus, white balance,image stabilization

-Outstanding Audio: 16-element microphone array for accurate speaker tracking,AEC,AGC,ANS 6-audio chamber speakers

-Built -in Zoom Rooms: Enjoy all the features of Zoom Rooms, a leader in the video conferencing sector ●OTA updates for device firmware and Zoom software

- AIO plug and play design: Extremely simple to deploy and requires zero training to onboard teams

- Intel vPro Technology: Allo ws for remote management capabilities and high-end security


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