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H3C UniServer R4900 G5 Server

Features :

Industrial-leading performance improves data center productivity

⚪ Support up to 80 cores and 12TB memory

⚪ 16 x Intel ® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory Module(PMem 200)

⚪ AI-Optimized GPU

⚪ XG310 GPU for cloud gaming and media streaming

Favorable Scalability and flexibility

⚪ Support up to 41 Drives

⚪ 28 x NVME+M.2+MicroSD

⚪ 14 x PCI-E 4.0 Slots+2 OCP3.0 slots

Full life-cycle management to reduce TCO

⚪ Industrial-standard OOB system-HDM

⚪ FIST -batch job execution

⚪ Two-factor authorization

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